Free Spirit CTX 12ft 3.5 SU Rod Review

This review is focused on the amazing Free Spirit CTX 12ft 3.5 SU Carp Rod. At South Coast Rods we are familiar with seeing amazing rods coming out of the Free Spirit stable, but this one has blown us away! The whole of the CTX range is simply amazing, especially considering the price point, but this particular model is something else. let me explain ...

I went up to the Brentwood show, as I always do, to catch up with the Free Spirit team and have a general post Christmas chat. I always go out to the casting field and have a go on the rods and demo a few and this year was no exception. On the field we cast with the mini Spomb which is filled and then taped shut, it allows spectators to see the cast better and it wont plug in the ground. Anyway, I was blasting the Hi S Ive and the 200 and Hutch came over and passed me a rod.
‘Have a blast with this G’ Hutch said. Now not being one to turn down the chance to flex some carbon I took the rod from him. The first thing that struck me was how light in hand the rod was. It was only 12ft and I could see it was a CTX and with the cork handle it looked retro, yet at the same time had a modern twist to it. I asked him what test curve it was and he replied ‘never mind about that, give it a chuck!’. With that I wound up a cast and stood there shell shocked as the small
Spomb sailed out into the field! It went almost as far as the Hi S Ive I had been previously casting! The rod just seemed to work perfectly and Hutch later told me  that it was the CTX 12ft 3.5 SU. It had the perfect combination of power, action, recovery and tip speed.

Following the Brentwood show I have since fished with a set of 3 and they are
awesome. If you are looking for a rod that will blast a 4 oz lead to the horizon, slam a solid bag to the middle, or punch a rig out in windy conditions, without spending mega money then the Free Spirit 12ft CTX 3.5lb SU is the rod for you. Although it can chuck a long way it still retains its fish playing properties and is very user friendly.


The manufacturing process of the Free Spirit CTX Carp Rod blank is something to be admired. Every rod goes through a comprehensive, highly complex process to ensure the integration of the 40t and 30t carbons with a resin content of below 25%. This low resin content allows the rod to recover quickly and keep its action rather than going ‘soft’. The composition of the carbon and weave system contributes to delivering a blank that is extremely light and super strong.


Ive mentioned this earlier but the Free Spirit CTX 3.5 SU truly is a well rounded rod. Don’t let the Stepped Up ( SU) title put you off. If you are fishing for big fish in weedy waters and want a rod that can punch out a lead, play fish through the weed and withstand the abuse of modern carp fishing then you simply have to take a look at this blank. We have sold quite a few sets of these to anglers who also have a set of more expensive rods, but find these are the perfect rod to be used for quick over nighters etc.


Well I hope you are sitting down! You can get your hands on the amazing CTX 3.5lb SU for just £154 through South Coast Rods, and if you order a set of 2 rods you get a further 5% discount and a 10% discount if you buy 3! We keep these rods in stock as they are hugely popular. That means you could be sitting on the bank behind a new 3 rod set up, fishing comfortably at range using state of the art Free Spirit carbon for just £415!


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