Free Spirit Hi S Ive ER Rod Review

This product insight will be looking in detail at Free Spirits HI S Ive ER rod range. If you prefer you can check out an online review on our You Tube channel Free Spirit Hi S Ive ER Product Review These rods sit at the top of the Free Spirit tree and the HI S Ive ER means it is a HI S blank which is a 40t blank with ultra low resin content with the legendary Ive status meaning it has the back bone to throw leads to the horizon yet also handles fish like a dream. The ER separates the HI S Ive ER apart from the standard HI S Ive because it stands for Extra Responsive, so the ER has a slightly softer tip. Now that doesn't mean it doesn't have the power in the butt, it has heaps of it, but it just means it is slightly more 'responsive' than the HI S Ive. 

Rod Action and Carbon

The rod has a semi fast action as does all the HI S range and is built using the legendary HI S 40t Carbon with an ultra low 17% resin content. This results in a rod that doesn't loose its action and test curve over years of use and truly is a rod that will last you a lifetime. Finished with an attractive 3k weave and the trademark Free Spirit perdurable finish, these rods look good, but perform even better. Whether you are looking to hit big distances or just want a strong rod with great playing action, the HI S Ive ER has it all. 

South Coast Rods Hi S Ive ER

Price Tag

The price of these rods put them in the flagship premium rod category but if you want to use the very best rod technology available then you also have to expect a higher price tag. It would be hard to find a better blank on the market which is why the HI S is used and trusted by some of the top anglers and casters in the industry, including Mark Hutchinson.

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