Free Spirit S Lite 12ft 3lb Rod Review

The S Lite12ft 3lb S Lite Carp Rod is without doubt the most underrated blank on the market. The feedback we have received from those that use it has been nothing but positive. We cant believe it isn't as popular as other rods in the range and we think this is purely down to its lack of publication in comparison to the other well known Free Spirit Rods. If you would like to find out more via our You Tube channel then please click here Free Spirit S Lite Carp Rods 12ft 3lb, alternatively please continue reading for an in depth review.

Recently I have been using this rod to fish a small to medium sized club lake and the 12ft 3lb S Lite Carp Rod I have found is suited perfectly for this type of fishing. I tend to use it for fishing 60 - 70 yards very comfortably but it can be used to fish further and I prefer it for those more secluded weedy estate lake type of waters. It has a beautiful responsive tip and with it being very light weight in the hand this rod can easily be doubled up for use as surface rod. I've found it to suit a 2.5 - 3oz lead or small to medium sized surface controllers but also found it to have great hit an hold pro properties when fishing in close to marginal reeds and snags where you want a little more give to ensure you don't bump the hook out.  

The S Lite standard build comes with a VSS17 Fuji real seat which has been cut away to provide you with extra feel and is available with 40 or 50mm butt guid as standard. I have found the reel seat to be an advantage over standard reel seats because with the closer contact to the blank you are able to get better feel on the drop. When leading around I have found the resonant frequencies created as the lead hits the lake bed are transmitted brilliantly through the blank and into your hand. To finish the rod of they come fitted with the S Lite guides which have been finished to a superior quality and are a very robust guide which are sure to last you a long time.

The other great thing about the S Lite is that Free Spirit offer a custom build on this range which means you can build your perfect rods to your exact requirements. 


Cosmetically the S Lite has followed the looks of its predecessors in terms of how visually pleasing they are. With its unique weave in composition with a 40t low resin slim carbon blank it really is an attractive rod. Three new carbons were developed by Free Spirit known as C626 all of which displayed exceptional performance and unique properties during testing. The new material has led to the development of an exceptionally strong blank but still remains slim and light. With similarities to the HI S range the blank has efficient recovery and similar performance. During testing the rods achieved extreme distances mainly down to their fast recovery and loading response achieved through using the new C626 carbon.


As mentioned earlier the 12ft 3lb S Lite is suitable for small to medium sized waters and those intimate estate lakes. It can be doubled up as a surface rod and also suits margin fishing to snags and marginal reeds.


The S Lite is in the medium to upper price range and with prices starting from £209.99 a set of 2 of 3 won't break the bank. It is available in standard abbreviated or full cork on the standard build and with full shrink or full duplon/EVA on the custom builds. Quantity discount is also available with 5% on 2 and 10% on 3 or more which brings the price down further. 

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