CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
CTX Carp Rods - South Coast Rods

CTX Carp Rods

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The immaculate Free Spirit CTX carp rods are a versatile range of tools that cater for small waters with the 2.5 test curves up to larger waters with the stepped up (SU) models. The CTX carp rod range is very versatile and covers all fishing situations.

The manufacturing process of the CTX blank is something to be admired. Every rod goes through a comprehensive, highly complex process to ensure the integration of the 40t and 30t carbons with a resin content of below 25% is completed robustly and right first time. The composition of the carbon and weave system contributes to delivering a blank that is extremely light and super strong.

To optimise the strength of the blank a 90 degrees and 0 degrees alternating wrapping is applied. In addition to this a 3mm bi-axis carbon tape is also applied at 45 degrees and the combination of the two provides a unique structure with an unprecedented tensile strength yet super light slim line blank, like no other.

It’s hard to find another blank on the market within this price range that can provide such a positive and significant power to weight ratio and still provide such elegance. The combination of the well thought out design with the complex yet robust manufacturing process has developed a blank that’s multi-layered structure supports an improvement in the accuracy of casting, achieved by a blank that has less twist and effect on bias.

Free spirit are well known for their distance casting rods and the CTX carp rods are no different. Due to the unique structure of the CTX blank in the right hands it has achieved extreme casting distances but still retains a great recovery.

The CTX range of carp rods is aesthetically pleasing due to the ‘X’-tape that runs the length of the blank making it unique and stand out from the crowd. These rods are certainly a head turner and it’s certainly not a case of blending in but more a case of blending out.

The CTX range of carp rods have been finished with Fuji DPS reel seats, stainless steel collars and ‘S’-Lite guides which come in both the 40mm and 50mm versions. You may be thinking that all these features are going to come at a price but we can assure you that this range is affordable and you will be getting a lot of blank for your money.

• Available in 12’ & 13’

• Full cork, full duplon/EVA and abbreviated handles available

• Industry leading power to weight ratio for a blank in this price range

• Superior strength qualities, lightweight and slim line blank

• Highly accurate with low twist due to its multi-layered structure

• Significant long casting potentials with great recovery

• Fitted with the Fuji DPS reel seat as standard

• Fitted with the robust S-Lite guides and finished with stainless steel collars

• 40mm & 50mm guides available

• Unique ‘X’ tape finish

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