Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods
Hi S Carp Rods - South Coast Rods

Hi S Carp Rods

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The Free Spirit Hi S Carp Rod range is the flagship of the Free Spirit collective. For Free spirit fans they need no introduction but for those new to Free Spirit, it’s worth taking note.

The Hi S blank has been manufactured using a low resin 40t high quality carbon, finished with a stunning 1k weave. The resin content has been significantly reduced which has contributed to reducing the diameter of the blank, making it slimmer and lighter yet more powerful than other rods in the range. The change in design will help those who want to cast further but also those that are already competent at long range casting.

With a wide range of blank choices from 2 ½ to 3 ½ test curve and in lengths of 10', 11', 12’, 12’ 6” and 13’ you won’t have trouble finding a rod that suits your style of fishing. Due to the nature of the very slim tips the characteristics of the Hi-S blank lends itself towards a semi fast action with a stiffer mid and butt section. Tip bounce is something that has been almost completely eliminated meaning you are able to cast longer distances due to the reduced friction.

The Hi S Ive is the casting tool in the range and the Hi-S Ives ER have been designed with a softer extra responsive tip. The Hi-S Ive is the go to rod for the South Coast rods Collective when bag fishing at distance or trying to punch big leads, long distances, into the middle of the pond at showing fish.

The Hi S 200’s & 220's are built for the experienced long range caster. 

After years of development, Free Spirit established through rigorous testing that the lower the resin content the longer the blank would stay at its optimum test curve for, meaning, it doesn’t soften like normal blanks. With the optimum and sustained performance overtime comes a perdurable finish to prevent scratches, dints and bleaches, so not only will the blank perform well, it will maintain its great looks at the same time.

Whether you use a marker rod or not you will be pleased to know that the Hi S is fitted with a clone reel seat which has been designed to aid the transmission of vibrations through the rod, helping you feature find.

The manufacturing process of the Hi S blank has gone through years of refinement to ensure each blank falls within its upper and lower specification limits every time, so Free Spirit can be sure it meets its precision engineered tolerances.

The Hi S rods are hand built in the UK to a stringent set of standards 

To Celebrate Free Spirits 20 year anniversary they have released a limited and special edition of the iconic Hi S. In line with one of the current trends in the modern carp scene the 'black' theme is here to stay, so with that in mind Free Spirit bring you the Hi S XX Black Edition. They incorporate  all the technology and same hi specification blank of the original Hi S but with a black clone reel seat, black hoods and black acetile fittings and black tipping above the logo. There are a limited variation available on standard build but these are also available in custom build with other options so please contact us for more information.

• Flagship rod hand built in the UK

• 50mm butt guide and S Lite guide set 

• Available in 10', 12' ,13' and 200/220 (Distance rods)

• Full duplon or standard abbreviated handles available depending on stock levels

• Slim, light weight and powerful

• Fitted with Free Spirit clone reel seat

Isotope slot in clone reel seat

20th Anniversary Limited Edition Black XX available

• Black clone reel seat, black hoods and black acetile fittings, black tipping above the logo on the black XX

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