E Class Gold Stalking Rods - South Coast Rods
E Class Gold Stalking Rods - South Coast Rods
E Class Gold Stalking Rods - South Coast Rods
E Class Gold Stalking Rods - South Coast Rods
E Class Gold Stalking Rods - South Coast Rods

E Class Gold Stalking Rods

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The E Class Gold Stalking Rods are a favourite here at South Coast Rods for its contemporary looks and outstanding performance, recognised for its smooth and crisp action. There are a number of different models in the range all fitted with full duplon handles and stainless steel collars and fittings.

You will find the 10’ Bank Creeper in a 2lb test curve which may sound light but it can certainly handle the larger specimens but also boasts a soft tip ready to absorb those heavy lunges. The 3lb version is ideal as a boat rod and with the shorter length it’s well suited to playing large specimens from the boat but at the same time acts a stepped up version for stalking for when the extra power is required to guide fish away from snags and marginal hazards. Fitted with Free Spirit 3k clone reel seat

The Margin Creeper 8’ 6 is a favourite with mobile anglers and for the all-round angler this rod can be used as a lure rod making it very versatile with its multi-application capabilities. Suitable for small or large specimens, full of power and useful for poking among the marginal reeds and undergrowth. fitted with Free Spirit 3k clone reel seat.

The Tree Creeper is a 6’ 1 piece rod fitted with Fuji DPS-M18 reel seat and full duplon handle with stainless steel collars and fittings. The Tree creeper has been specifically designed for fishing in the undergrowth and poking through holes in the trees and marginal reeds in those hard to reach places where other rods you would find too cumbersome to maintain a stealthy approach and fish effectively.

The E Class blank has been manufactured with high modulus 40t carbon and finished with a 3k weave and a perdurable finish, which makes them immune from scratches, dints and bleaches. The darker coloured blank with gold whippings and stainless steel collars makes the E-Class one of the most contemporary looking blanks on the market. Whether you’re into the Essex bling look or the stealth black and gun metal grey of the urban scene the E Class has the best of both worlds.

The E Class blanks perdurable finish demonstrates an almost nakedness to the blank, whereby the carbon is not covered with paints and lacquers which might conceal imperfections. Instead the blank is precision ground so the quality of the finish can be admired.

The manufacturing process of the E Class blank works like clockwork and has been refined to ensure each blank falls within its upper and lower specification limits every time, so Free Spirit can be sure it meets its precision engineered tolerances. The combination of the well thought out design with the complex yet robust manufacturing process has developed a blank that ticks all the boxes and are a favourite with the South Coast Rods crew, especially the full duplon versions.

The more we sell the more positive feedback we have been receiving and the love for this blank is growing steadily.

• Bank Creeper available in 10ft

• Bank Creeper available in 2lb & 3lb test curve

• Bank Creeper fitted with Free Spirit 3k clone reel seat

• Margin Creeper available in 8’ 6”

• Margin Creeper fitted with Free Spirit 3k clone reel seat

• Tree Creeper available in 6’ 1 piece

• Tree Creeper fitted with Fuji DPS-M18 reel seat

• Full duplon/EVA handle or standard handle avalable

• Contemporary look with smooth crisp action

• Fitted with stainless steel collars

• S Lite guides

• Perdurable non scratch finish

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