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Hi S Power Waggler

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After many requests for a waggler rod capable of taming larger carp while using large wagglers, splashers and bagging wagglers, the experts at Free Spirit pulled together to develop the ultimate waggler rod. As a direct result of extensive development and testing Free Spirit are pleased to bring you the Hi S 12' Power Waggler.

The Hi S blank has been manufactured using a low resin 40t high quality carbon, finished with a stunning 1k weave. The resin content has been significantly reduced which has contributed to reducing the diameter of the blank, making it slimmer and lighter yet more powerful than other rods in the range. The change in design will help those who want to cast further but also those that are already competent at long range casting.

After years of development, Free Spirit established through rigorous testing that the lower the resin content the longer the blank would stay at its optimum test curve for, meaning, it doesn’t soften like normal blanks. With the optimum and sustained performance overtime comes a perdurable finish to prevent scratches, dints and bleaches, so not only will the blank perform well, it will maintain its great looks at the same time.

The manufacturing process of the Hi S blank has gone through years of refinement to ensure each blank falls within its upper and lower specification limits every time, so Free Spirit can be sure it meets its precision engineered tolerances.

• Flagship rod

• Hand built in the UK

• Available in 12'

• Kigan HL Hi-Standoff Match guides

• Cork and standard abbreviated handles available

• Slim, light weight and powerful

• Fuji TVSM16/B cut away reel seat for extra feel and to keep weight down

• Beautiful ergonomics 

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