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Our aim was to develop a class leading premium blank featuring robust, quality, reliable components manufactured using the best materials and carbon technology. After two and half year’s development work and testing and countless hours spent refining what we believe to be the ultimate utility rod, we are very excited to be able to bring you the SCR Special Taper UTIL rod, designed to meet the demands of delivering bait long distances and feature finding with pin point accuracy!

The ST 13ft UTIL (Spomb & Marker) blank has been designed for extreme distance and accuracy when using Spods or Spombs between 5-7.5oz when fully loaded. The rod has been tested with a range of different bait delivery products. It is still very capable of casting large Spombs but we found the majority of anglers were able to achieve longer distances and better accuracy with less fatigue and stress on the body when casting the Midi X Spomb. 

The UTIL rod is also suitable for marker work and due to having a carbon inlay reel seat and shrink wrap handle you get great transmission down the blank and into your hand from the different lake bed types you are bumping a lead over. It is the perfect feature finding tool and to give you greater accuracy when depth checking we have also included 1ft and 2ft markers on the blank.

Every component used for these rods has been carefully selected based on a strict criteria to ensure the quality and reliability of our products. The following technical details will go some way to explain why we believe our rods are exactly what you are looking for to gain the power, accuracy and confidence in your fishing.

Please select the features tab to see exactly what makes the SCR ST13 UTIL the ultimate utility rod.

As our loyal customers already know we are very happy to work directly with you to ensure the purchasing of rods from us is a stress-free experience and we aim to ensure our customers get the right tools for the job.

You can now view and purchase our rods in any of the Outlaw Pro tackle shops. Outlaw Pro are the new home and sole stockist of South Coast Rods. Outlaw Pro share the same high standards of customer service with customer first mentality and we have the same ethos. We could not find a more suitable tackle shop in the UK to welcome into the South Coast Rods family.

The beauty of the new partnership means we are still able to offer premium carp rods at far more competitive prices than the competition. The advantages for our customers now include a location where they can view and handle our rods, purchase them in store and order online with free delivery or faster delivery times at reduced prices, something that with the huge demand for our rods has meant we have struggled to maintain. The future is bright, very bright and by working with Outlaw Pro we have just ensured a more sustainable business for the ever increasing demand for our products.

To add to the increased benefits for our customers we will still be maintaining contact with all our customers through our social media channels and emails, meaning you can still speak with us directly regarding our products and we are still here to answer any of your questions, as we always have been.

Length/Test Curve

13ft 4.75LB ST UTIL


13ft - Medium to extreme distance bait delivery and feature finding


Specially developed taper that generates a semi-fast action with progressive curve, giving you the power and accuracy to deliver bait to your chosen spot time and time again.


High quality Japanese Toray Carbon

High modulus low resin pre preg 40 Ton Carbon which provides longevity of the blank overtime, ensuring it retains its test curve for longer

Full 1k weave with a Dura-X finish which uses a manufacturing process that doesn’t require lacquers or resins. The finish means scratches or blemishes are kept to a minimum and your rods will look great for longer


AT Ti Forged Air guides finished in a PVD hard chrome shadow black finish which is the most durable coating available. This coating was chosen to ensure the ultimate durability of the guides due to other guides with less expensive finishes wearing quickly with the use of more abrasive mainlines

Guide set includes 50mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 16mm and 16mm Delta Nano Light ceramic anti frap tip. The 50mm then 30mm set up was chosen because during testing it was demonstrated that it gave improved casting performance over the 50, 40 set up by reducing the size of line coil quicker on the cast

Handle/Reel Seat

CRSD matt black hood with 1k carbon inlay designed to flex with the blank during casting and providing greater haptic feedback when feeling for a drop, which is an advantage over metal reel seats

High durability shrink wrap on main part of handle with slight flare to the rear with a high density super slim EVA flare in front of the reel seat, to keep the appearance inline with the ST carp rods. Finished neatly with a black delrin butt cap which is extremely durable and reduces the visibility of scratches.

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